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Division of Real Estate

Houston Real Estate Division Lawyers

In Texas, any real estate that is purchased during marriage is presumptively considered community property and is presumptively included in the community estate at the time of a divorce. Generally, couples do not wish to jointly own real estate after a divorce. Frequently, one party will be awarded one hundred percent of the parties’ interest in that real property, and the other spouse will be awarded other assets to “buy out” his or her interest in the property. Alternatively, the parties can agree to sell the property and divide the proceeds.

Properly valuating and characterizing real estate is crucial when drafting a property division settlement. Whether you are dealing with your primary residence, a vacation home or a business, a skilled Houston real estate division attorney can help you ensure your assets are properly valued and your financial security is protected.

At Carter Morris, LLP, our lawyers have years of experience helping clients throughout Texas valuate and divide real estate during divorce. We bring a wealth of knowledge to each case. To discuss your rights and options, call us at 713-626-3345.

Southeast Texas Divorce Asset Division Attorneys

Carter Morris, LLP understands that real estate is often one of your biggest investments. Working with forensic accountants and other financial experts, we will help you characterize and valuate any type of real estate, including:

  • Primary residence
  • Vacation homes
  • Businesses
  • Investment properties
  • Rental property
  • Oil and gas interests
  • Mineral interests

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Do you have questions or concerns about division of real estate in your divorce? Call Carter Morris, LLP at 713-626-3345. You may also contact us online.

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