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Collaborative High Net Worth Divorce

Houston Collaborative High Net Worth Divorce

If you are looking for an attorney in the Houston area for a collaborative law divorce, we encourage you to contact Carter Morris, LLP. At our Houston law office, we practice exclusively in family law. We handle traditional divorce as well as collaborative law divorce for couples seeking a less adversarial alternative to traditional divorce.

Even in traditional divorce cases, we can explore negotiation, mediation, and other alternative disputes resolution (ADR) measures to seek a more amicable resolution of your divorce. To learn more about our collaborative law services, call our Houston office at 713-626-3345, or contact us by e-mail.

What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law is a relatively new approach to divorce that is designed to avoid trial and pursue a mutual agreement between the parties. In the collaborative process, the husband and wife each hire a collaborative law attorney from a different law firm.

Unlike a traditional divorce in which the attorneys communicate back and forth, the husband and wife in a collaborative law approach are encouraged to communicate with one another at meetings that involve the spouses and their attorneys. The parties also have the ability to agree upon neutral experts to provide opinions on critical issues like property valuations and child custody. The parties and their attorneys sign an agreement stating that neither attorney will represent their client at trial.

If either spouse determines they want to pursue the divorce at trial, the attorneys must withdraw from further representation of the parties. This approach removes the constant threat of litigation with can impede the progress of communication and mutual agreement.

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To learn more about collaborative law or the traditional divorce process, call Carter Morris, LLP in Houston, Texas. For assistance, call 713-626-3345, or contact a lawyer online.

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