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Tax Issues

Texas Divorce and Tax Issues

Tax implications are a frequently overlooked aspect of a divorce and can have a significant impact on the marital estate. A Texas divorce attorney experienced in recognizing tax issues can help you structure your divorce settlement in a way that minimizes the tax consequences and ensures that both parties receive the most value following the divorce.

Carter Morris, LLP represents clients throughout Texas with their most complex divorce and tax issues. Whether your estate is modest or you have significant assets to consider, we will help you create a divorce settlement that protects your financial future. Our founding partners are both board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and have extensive experience in cases involving high-net-worth divorce and complex property division.

Southeast Attorneys Experienced in Recognizing Tax Issues

If taxes are not considered as part of your overall divorce settlement, you may find that the value of your marital estate is diminished significantly after the divorce. Our lawyers are committed to helping you develop a divorce settlement that ensures your long-term financial health.

Though property and asset transfers during divorce are not considered taxable events, there can be tax implications after the divorce. When structuring your divorce settlement, we can assist you in taking into account the value of your assets after taxes.

Maintenance or spousal support is another important consideration, as it has tax implications for both parties. Until January 1, 2018, maintenance payments are tax-deductible for the payer and will be taxed as income for the receiving spouse. We can help you determine whether a settlement that includes spousal support payments would be beneficial to both parties.

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