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During a divorce, community property will be divided by the courts by a means that is “just and right.” Inheritances and trusts that were established before the marriage are generally considered separate property; however, the party asserting a separate property claim bears the burden of proving what is his separate property, and if these assets have been commingled with property acquired during marriage, meeting that burden can be a difficult and complicated task.

Having an attorney on your side who understands characterization of trusts and inheritances is crucial for arriving at a fair and just property settlement. At Carter Morris, LLP, we have extensive experience handling complex property division issues that arise in high asset divorce cases. From our office in Houston, we protect the rights of clients throughout the state of Texas.

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Southeast Texas Attorneys With Experience in Trust Division

If you have received an inheritance or trust before or during marriage, it could have a significant impact on your marital estate at the time of divorce. You will need to show clear and convincing evidence that the trust or inheritance should maintain its characterization as separate property.

Working with a team of forensic accountants and other expert witnesses, we can work with you to trace these assets to determine their characterization. Our Houston inherited assets attorneys have years of experience analyzing and establishing separate property claims. We will work hard to ensure that you receive a fair division of property while preserving your separate estate.

We also assist individuals in protecting their trust or inheritance with a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. These agreements can help ensure that your separate property remains separate and is protected from division in the event of a divorce.

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