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Texas Paternity Laws

Our Houston Lawyers Will Help You Navigate Texas Paternity Laws

When matters of paternity come into question, they are often surrounded by strong emotions. Each side is looking out for their best interests and hopefully, that of the child as well. This can lead to contentious arguments concerning child support guidelines and custodial schedules.

Mothers look to Texas paternity laws to assist in achieving child support payments to aid in raising their children. Fathers or potential fathers may be wishing to dispute claims of paternity, or may wish to establish a plan for spending time with their biological child.

At Carter Morris, LLP in Houston Texas, we work with both sides of the equation. Our attorneys understand the nuances of Texas paternity laws. They represent mothers seeking to establish legal paternity as well as fathers wishing to defend actions against them or gain visitation rights to their child.

To discuss your concerns and how they relate to current Texas paternity laws, contact our firm at 713-626-3345.

What is a Texas Paternity Action?

A paternity action defines a legal relationship between a child and a parent. A majority of paternity cases arise in situations involving unwed parents. However, some divorce cases may also include concerns surrounding paternity.

If there is a question as to who a child’s father is, either a mother or probable father can request genetic testing to determine paternity. Once a legal relationship between a father and child has been established, the father is entitled to both parental rights and responsibilities, including child support.

Texas Paternity Cases: Options for Resolution

A Texas paternity case does not have turn into a heated courtroom battle which costs those involved both excessive time and money. Our firm is committed to resolving family law cases through negotiation and mediation whenever possible.

Following the results of genetic testing, we strive to help you and the other party reach a mutually acceptable agreement. However, when a decision cannot be made through alternative methods, we do not hesitate to aggressively represent your needs in front of a judge or jury.

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If a question of paternity has become a concern in your life, do not hesitate to speak with a lawyer knowledgeable in paternity law. Call us at 713-626-3345 or contact us by e-mail.

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