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Child Relocation

Child Relocation in Texas

Houston Family Lawyers Handling Cases of Child Relocation

The world of today’s child is far different than that of a child growing up twenty or thirty years ago. Things are much more fast-paced. Divorce is common. The “nuclear family” no longer exists. Moving is no longer just across town. It may encompass relocating across the state, country, or even the world.

As if the hassle of moving is not enough on its own, divorced parents who share their child’s time via a child custody agreement can face further issues and complications. In most cases, a custodial parent cannot relocate their child without first clearing it with the other parent and the courts.

At Carter Morris, LLP, in Houston, Texas, we work with parents seeking child relocation or those opposing a child move-away. We recognize each child relocation case is unique and work to understand the solution that best suits you and your child. Contact us to discuss your options with an experienced family law attorney.

Factors Impacting Child Relocation in Texas

When parental relocation becomes an issue in your child’s life, it may be necessary to seek a modification of your original child custody orders. Many factors need to be considered, including:

  • The distance of the move
  • The reasoning behind the relocation of a child
  • The impact on visitation with the other parent
  • Opportunities available for the child

When working with clients facing child relocation in Texas, our firm strives to resolve matters through negotiation or mediation. You know your child and his or her needs better than a family court judge unfamiliar with your situation. However, when a mutually acceptable agreement cannot be reached, our attorneys do not hesitate to bring your case into the courts.

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Whether you are a parenting seeking to relocate with your child or a parent attempting to stop a move from taking place, you need to protect your rights. Carter Morris, LLP will stand beside you from day one of your case through to a resolution. Call us at 713-626-3345 or contact us by e-mail.

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